What’s It All About, Hen-ry? (sung to the tune of Alfie, please)


We are SO glad you asked!

1. A Blog Called Henry is primarily self-indulgent…but we are also happy to share.  Promise.

2. Henry wants you to feel good.

3. Henry wants you to think.

4. Henry wants you to explore.

5. Henry wants you to appreciate all that is wonderful in the world and the interwebs (yep, there is actually loads of stuff).

6. Henry wants to try and understand the not-so-goods as well…or at least perhaps put them into some perspective.


And on A Blog Called Henry you will find…

7. Book Reviews (primarily crime, thrillers, mysteries, action adventure or young adult novels…see point 1)

8. Music that will make you happy…or perhaps just give you a nice start to the day (see point 2)

9. Interesting and/or inspiring quotes from people other than me (see point 3)

10. Videos that will make you laugh or think or open your mind to other possibilities (see points 4 & 5)

11. Essays, philosophications or epiphanies that we’d love to discuss with the world (see point 6…and point 1)


Oh, and a few more things:

12. Henry is rubbish at responding to emails…but will try if you do!  We would love questions that might inspire a post.

13. Henry abides by the ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ ideal (or at least constructive criticism).  We are always looking for new perspectives and absolutely encourage discussion but rude or nasty comments don’t have a place here.  If you want that, you’ll have to go somewhere else.

14. We aren’t really interested in promotion or products or selling stuff or any of those other things that take a lot of time and tend to detract from the task at hand. So thanks but no thanks in advance for the offer.

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