Think: Constant Attention

Constant Attention

(or, why we should just vague out sometimes)

I don’t always agree with everything that Sarah Wilson says, but I do really like the times when she posts things like this.  Things that make you think.  Things that change a switch in your brain.

I very much agree that we need to back off a little every once in a while…or actually more than every once in a while.  There are memes floating around the interwebs all the time lately (or perhaps I am just a little more conscious of them than usual?) and the general consencus is that we are all a bit tired of trying to have our crap together.  We are intelligent, educated people who have made choices about family life, career, friends and more and yet so often it still feels like we are not doing enough.  Back in a time before blog posts and Facebook, the truth is – we didn’t know what we didn’t know…and sometimes I wonder if ignorance truly is bliss?  What would we do if we didn’t know what we could do?  Or didn’t feel we should do?

I know that sometimes that happiest I am is when I am doing something that I shouldn’t be…laying in the sunshine staring at a cloud; reading a book with zero message for pure enjoyment (or watching a TV show/movie/reading a website for the same reason.  And then I tend to feel the guilt.  Perhaps part of the reason we are all so hooked on Facebook is that we can use the excuse that we are ‘checking it to see what our loved ones are up to’…when really we are just wanting a reason to sit, stop and tune out.  Unfortunately, social media can sometimes feel as though we aren’t doing enough, which in turn makes us feel more inadequate and so on, and so on…

There’s a lot to be said for being a bit of a flake or tuning out when you can’t be bothered or just not bothering to do things in the ‘proper’ way every now and then.  What do you think?  Are we over-attentive these days and do we just need to step back and chill out a little?

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