Read : The Husband

Read : The Husband

The Husband

Dean Koontz


Why did I read it?

I’m sorry Dean Koontz.  Really, I am.  For years and years and YEARS now, I have avoided Dean Koontz novels.  Somehow, somewhere, I became convinced he was a bit of a Stephen King but with a real horror/paranormal twist.  I have no idea where that perception came from, but as much as I love a good thriller I am just not into the horror genre.  Particularly if it is a little out there (interesting given that some of my own writing has a paranormal spin).  So with poor old Dean sat over there in his box, despite all of those bestsellers he continued to pump out, I continued to avoid his work.  Never even read a blurb.  Until a few weeks ago.  My lovely mum (who continues to feed my book habit with her library job) handed me a whole bunch of books and in the pile was five Dean Koontz titles.  So, one after the other I read: The Husband, One Door Away From Heaven (which has a paranormal edge and I LOVED it) and Dark Rivers Of The Heart (which had it’s moments, but mostly I enjoyed it).  All three were full of suspense, action and a really great story.  So, now I am keen to read more.  Oh, and no horror AND no unhappy endings (which Stephen King loves…nothing bugs me more than investing all my time in the central character only to have them end up dead or miserable!).


What’s it about?

Mitchell Rafferty is a landscape gardener with a simple life and a wife he loves.  One day at work he receives a phone call from a stranger telling him that he has 72 hours to get two million dollars or else his wife dies.  And then a stranger is shot before his eyes to prove the point.  Before long we discover there is more to Mitchell’s background than we (or, in some parts, even he) may be aware.


The bits I loved?

So many twists!  I love a good twist – the ones that take your breath away and you think I did NOT see that coming!  Fabulous.  This book had quite a few of them and there were many that really took me by surprise.  The characters were great and you (like Mitchell) were unsure who to trust along the way.  Definitely a really good, heart-pounding adventure thriller.


The bits I didn’t love so much?

There were moments that things dragged on and then they were a little rushed.  Like the other Dean Koontz books that I have read so far, they are LOOOOOOONG!  I hate feeling like the author needs to get to it, and that happened a couple of times.

Do I recommend it?

Absolutely.  A great read, and a really great author.  Sorry again, Dean.  I will never judge by reputation again!

Have you ever dismissed an author and been totally wrong about their work when you’ve finally given it a go??

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