Think: Be Your Own Best Friend

Be Your Own Best Friend

(or Part 2 of how to look after yourself)

Another post (mostly for me, as a reminder) on how we need to look after ourselves a little more.  Last week I said that you need to listen to your inner toddler…but there are other ways you can cut yourself a break outside of a nap and a good meal (not many, but some).

Think for a moment about one of your favourite friends – the one you are loving the most right now.  That friend who makes you feel awesome when you are down and that friend whose company you will always seek.  Got it?  Now think about how you speak about him or her.  Always good, sometimes even gushing, right?  You would never let anyone say anything bad about that friend and if someone tried to you would explain why they are terribly wrong and why your friend is some incredibly awesome.

Think about how you are with them and if they are ever a little down or unsure how important it is to you that they feel better again.  Think about what a wonderful person they are and how happy you would love them to be.  Think about how hard they work and how good they are at so many things and how they deserve all of the good things in life.

Now look in the mirror.  There you go, your most important best friend.  How about you start talking about that person with a bit more love, empathy, understanding, passion and joy?  How about you start being their greatest support?  Wouldn’t that be fabulous for everyone?

Play nice.

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